Welcome to Fidler Farms

Green peanuts are available in season.  Usually, “in season” is between late August and Mid November.  This is weather dependent.  Generally, the green peanuts that you purchase have been dug that day or within a few days of your purchase.

Dry, roasted, and boiled peanuts are available throughout the year. We produce Mardi Gras Throws, available during the Mardi Gras season.

Pecans are usually available in season (fall).

Grass Fed beef is available.  Generally, you may put in an order anytime.  We take to the butcher in the spring, anytime between March and May.  You may pick up your order in Mobile at the bucher shop.

Come visit us at the Farm!

26 thoughts on “Welcome to Fidler Farms

    1. We haven’t mostly because of the cost of shipping and handling. The cost would be two or three times the cost of the peanuts 😦


  1. I would like to order some green peanuts to be shipped to me in Minnesota. Is this something you can help me with?

    Mo Moore


  2. i just boiled my last Super Jumbo peanuts that i had frozen from last year and they were great.

    Do you have any that you have frozen, that i can buy for boiling?


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